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A collection of things people who went to Stationery Club No.2 said about Stationery Club No.2:

@siansparkles, says that there were gasps all around the room as @wowser raised his arm.

@mondoagogo confesses that at Stationery Club, she discovered that she “wasn’t the only person who felt like this, which was reassuring.

@1mgoldstars describes Stationery Club as a semi-serious, question-led discussion which only occasionally descended into drunken chatter.

@acediscovery says that it was heartening to see how animated people could be about stationery.

If I have missed any other blog posts about Stationery Club No.2, please let me know.

UPDATE: Rodney points out in the comments below that I missed his verbose defence of Moleskine as well as this stunning panorama. Sorry Rodney!