This was the first ever post about making Stationery Club physical. It was originally posted here.

Over on Twitter, I’ve been chatting to @wowser about an idea for a thing called Stationery Club.

I’m not entirely sure who @wowser is, if I’m entirely honest. I think I first started following him when I saw him talking to David Quantick about Avalon by Roxy Music (it is my favourite Roxy album, and I believe Quantick and Wowser feel the same way).

Stationery Club is not my idea, it is Wowser’s idea.

At present, Stationery Club exists as a #hashtag; once a month (I think it’s once a month, maybe it’s once a fortnight), Wowser asks people about their favourite item of stationery. Everyone tags their replies with the hashtag #stationeryclub and a nice conversation flows between total strangers online.

However, I want to take it further. I want to make it real. Make it physical.

I see Stationery Club as similar to a book club. People meeting once a month (or fortnight, or week, depending on demand – I expect it will be monthly) and, rather than everyone discussing the book they have just read, they discuss the pen they have used. It wouldn’t always need to be a pen, of course, it might be index markers, or a mechanical pencil, or a new type of paper clip. The point is, before each meeting, one member would nominate a piece of stationery, and then all the other members would use it for a week or so and then it would be discussed by the group. There could be group outings to Ryman.

The location wouldn’t be anything fancy. Just a pub somewhere in Central London. A Sam Smiths pub, nice and cheap. I think it would be brilliant.

I suspect the reality would just be me, sitting on my own in a pub, holding a pen and sobbing. This is what I do most evenings anyway, so if anyone wants to join me, please do.

I’ve also created a Stationery Club Flickr group.